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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Ops i did it again ;(

p/s ; Listen to this song while you read my story ;) Thanks !

Yeah i did it again. Know what have i done? I keep lying to myself day by day. Not only that, i lie to my own feeling. I'm so stressed. I wish i could share it with someone. But it doesn't seem like they want to talk to me. They look so busy. Mama? Oh my, she's gonna to chased me out if i told her. Daddy? Yeah maybe he will listen it cause i know he loves me. But i think it's better if i don't tell him. Cause i don't want him to worry about me. Sibling? No way. Just like hell. They won't listen to my story. Friend? Urghh, they are busy with their boyfriend. My gf? Broke up. I'm really really dissapointed. I love you sasa but you, react like biatch. Damn sasa. Boyfriend? Oh my, hopeless. Day by day, you changed. And i had made my mind to leaved you. So goodbye. You can't be like him. He can never be replaced. So you and your snobbish attitude can go die. I don't even need you. You think you are so good? Ptuihh. Urghh i need someone that i can tell everything. Is there still anyone that want to hear my story? Ding dong. None right? So through this blog, i shared everything. I wrote everything that happened to my life. And sorry if i updated it a lil bit late. I hate this situation. This situation just react like biatch. So call it 'PROS AND BIATCH'. MUTHERFUCKAS may be much better ;( Adios ;(