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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Miss the school ;(

After this, i'm gonna to miss my school ;( Miss it fucking damn much. After this there will be no more laugh, sadness and the teacher scold their student. I'm not gonna to getting this chance anymore ;( I'll miss it. No more arguing about the dirty toilet, the boys flirted the girl. Kissing in the toilet, the issue of how the teachers teaching and so on. And one thing that i'm gonna to miss damn much is the student who never follow the rules. I always remind them to follow the rules but me and them nothing different. Just same. I break the rules and i even asked them to joined me. What a good prefect ;D Good hanny good. That's why your name has been listed as the top 6 worst prefect in the school. But who cares?! I enjoy with being myself. Stop become hypocrite. I don't need all the popularity in the school. It is so oldschool. So use the word 'LAME' to describe it. There are a lot of FAKE and BIATCH in my school. Even sometimes i admited i had to be like that. Cause my school just like hell. Stupidoo rules, ridiculous things must have been done to achieve great achievement and not forget the responsibility to be a good student. Oh my, what the F.
Zzz. Hate it. So much. So say bye bye to school ;) Chiow.