Helo Blogger. Here i wrote everything that ever had happened in my life. And sometimes through this blog, i'm gonna write about you. So if you would like to get mad, can go die lah you. TTYM is much better right? ;( Chiow

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Miss the school ;(

After this, i'm gonna to miss my school ;( Miss it fucking damn much. After this there will be no more laugh, sadness and the teacher scold their student. I'm not gonna to getting this chance anymore ;( I'll miss it. No more arguing about the dirty toilet, the boys flirted the girl. Kissing in the toilet, the issue of how the teachers teaching and so on. And one thing that i'm gonna to miss damn much is the student who never follow the rules. I always remind them to follow the rules but me and them nothing different. Just same. I break the rules and i even asked them to joined me. What a good prefect ;D Good hanny good. That's why your name has been listed as the top 6 worst prefect in the school. But who cares?! I enjoy with being myself. Stop become hypocrite. I don't need all the popularity in the school. It is so oldschool. So use the word 'LAME' to describe it. There are a lot of FAKE and BIATCH in my school. Even sometimes i admited i had to be like that. Cause my school just like hell. Stupidoo rules, ridiculous things must have been done to achieve great achievement and not forget the responsibility to be a good student. Oh my, what the F.
Zzz. Hate it. So much. So say bye bye to school ;) Chiow.

Ops i did it again ;(

p/s ; Listen to this song while you read my story ;) Thanks !

Yeah i did it again. Know what have i done? I keep lying to myself day by day. Not only that, i lie to my own feeling. I'm so stressed. I wish i could share it with someone. But it doesn't seem like they want to talk to me. They look so busy. Mama? Oh my, she's gonna to chased me out if i told her. Daddy? Yeah maybe he will listen it cause i know he loves me. But i think it's better if i don't tell him. Cause i don't want him to worry about me. Sibling? No way. Just like hell. They won't listen to my story. Friend? Urghh, they are busy with their boyfriend. My gf? Broke up. I'm really really dissapointed. I love you sasa but you, react like biatch. Damn sasa. Boyfriend? Oh my, hopeless. Day by day, you changed. And i had made my mind to leaved you. So goodbye. You can't be like him. He can never be replaced. So you and your snobbish attitude can go die. I don't even need you. You think you are so good? Ptuihh. Urghh i need someone that i can tell everything. Is there still anyone that want to hear my story? Ding dong. None right? So through this blog, i shared everything. I wrote everything that happened to my life. And sorry if i updated it a lil bit late. I hate this situation. This situation just react like biatch. So call it 'PROS AND BIATCH'. MUTHERFUCKAS may be much better ;( Adios ;(

Berita Utama ;(

我不知道我为什么要告诉你这一点。但我觉得我会不久于人世。伙计们,对不起,如果我对你犯了罪。但有一点你应该知道的是我永远爱你们。亲爱的男朋友,如果你看过我进入现在,我想让你知道,无论发生什么事给我,我将永远爱你。即使我知道这几天我一直在犯错,总是让你感到愤怒。宝贝,对不起。我没有任何意义,这样对你。爸爸,你是最真棒爸爸,我有过。没有你,我不会在这个世界上出生的。对我来说,你是最棒的男朋友,我曾经。我爱你,爸爸。朋友们,尤其是我亲密的朋友; - 阿拉,咪咪,法廷,拉纳,法拉,等等,我爱你的女朋友。如果没有你们,我什么也不是。哦,是的,约女朋友,我爱你ninie,萨萨说。双方你是我最好的该死的女朋友!最后,我要说,对不起,如果我犯了罪给大家。为使我的生活和幸福的感谢。爱你!