Helo Blogger. Here i wrote everything that ever had happened in my life. And sometimes through this blog, i'm gonna write about you. So if you would like to get mad, can go die lah you. TTYM is much better right? ;( Chiow

Friday, November 5, 2010

Imposibble ;(

Yeah, imposible. I'm so sorry. I can't accept you. Me and you just can be a friend. Not more than that ;( Please, understand me. I can't accept you. Not because i don't like you. I do like you. But just as a friend. After he leave me, no more the love feelings that i felt with any other guy out there. I had started a new life. Please. Give me a space. I don't want to ruined my life with accepted you and learned how to love you just like him ;( Cause he can never ever be replaced. Plus i'm a vgay now. I love my girlfriend. Sorry, you are not accepted. See the way out? Now, you can get lost. Adios ;(