Helo Blogger. Here i wrote everything that ever had happened in my life. And sometimes through this blog, i'm gonna write about you. So if you would like to get mad, can go die lah you. TTYM is much better right? ;( Chiow

Friday, November 5, 2010


Dear Mr Crush, i'm so sorry ;( I had turned you into a jerk. I thought you will changed after i leaved you. But i'm totally wrong. I feel ashamed with myself. Oh my, what have i done?! You are so stupid hanny ! Baby, sorry ;( I should not leaved you. I know i had hurted you. And i'm so sorry and regreted with what have i done. From bad, you changed to worst. Before this, you are not like this. But now, there's nothing can i say now. I just can say sorry baby. I'm really sorry. I never expected this would happen to you. I know maybe now you are happy with your girl but one thing you should now, i'll always love you ♥. Deeply in my heart still have you. Only you ♥