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Friday, October 29, 2010

Tell me why? Could you?

Could you tell me why i'm in love with you? Could you tell me why i feel this feeling? Could you tell me why do you love me? And why do i love you? And could you tell me why we are together now? I'm wondering why ha? Herm could you tell me baby? I need the answer. I don't even know why this question is in my mind now but it's okay. Maybe yeahh people who are in love must feel like this right? Or is it just me who feel that thing? Ohmagashhh! Please help me! Baby, i don't feel the same feeling like i used to be with my ex boyfriend. I don't even know if now i'm in love with you or not. Cause maybe after my boyfriend leave me, i turned into a VGAY then my feeling is more towrds girl. Urghh stop it! Zzz what should i do now baby? I'm too scared to lose you ;( But ahh i don't care. I need to know what's my real status now. As a VGAY or already turned back to normal? Baby, i don't know how to expressed my feeling towards you, so day by day i keep writing my love to you through this blog. So yeahhh i hope you could understand why i can't saying the word i love you to you. Yeahh i'm saying it right now but when we on the phone or face to face, i'm really really sorry. I can't do it.
Sorry baby ;(