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Friday, October 29, 2010

Bobyyyyyyyy ♥

I don't even know why i'm telling you this boy ;) It is so hard for me to describe it by word so i'm choosing this method which is through my writing. From the eyes, to the heart. I start to fall in love since the first time i met you. I can't deny that. You even know that baby ;) Hhaha. Hey till now, i'm still wondering why did you ask for my phone number and i even had a chance to ask you last night why did you ask for my phone number on that night. You told me that you adored with me. Haha i just like can't believe it ! There's a lot of hot chicks on that night and you can ask for my phone number? Goshhh baby goshh. Last night, you told me that i've turned your life from being disasterous before this to a great and awesomeee life that you never expected it. Is is true baby? It's so hard for me to believe it cause yeahh most of guys now keep lying. So i don't know i should trust you or not. Haha but i don't care if you lie to me, there's a God up there, if you lie to me, oh it's okay baby. Thanks. One day, people will decieve you much worse than you do it to me me. Remember that baby. Oh yeah, just wanna told you sayang ;-

My love for you is higher than the sky, deeper than the sea and sweeter than the honey taste ;) Dear baby booo, Te Amo ♥