Helo Blogger. Here i wrote everything that ever had happened in my life. And sometimes through this blog, i'm gonna write about you. So if you would like to get mad, can go die lah you. TTYM is much better right? ;( Chiow

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Haiseh Men -___-

Why lah everyone in my house is suspecting me i got a boyfriend now? Mama, haiyooo evrynight scolded me cause everynight i'm otp. Lol. Ma, i'm otp with sasa lah. With a girl. I didn't get it why you are so mad with me and didn't trust me. Zzzz maybe it's true that i'm not your belovest daughter. Yeahhh la i'm not like kakak and adik right? Urghhhh ;| Hate it. So much. Thanks ;( Ayah is much better than you. Love you ayah ♥

Well fyi, i'm a vgay guys. I love girlfriends more than boyfriends. But why is everybody suspected me? When my mother stared at me, i feel all police in malaysia is around me and wanna caught me cause i had killed Prime Minister. Sooo yeahhh just like hell -_____- I hate it. Haihh enough for today. Chiow ;(