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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

E-X-A-M- R-E-S-U-L-T

Whoa the final result came out ! I almost can't believe it. My exam result, seriously make me shocked. Hahaha just guess what? I got all A++ for all my subject ;) My friend, teachers even my parents suprised with my result. Haha see the name lah :) Hannyza Yusof. Fuhhhyooo. Oh yeah i got third place in my class. Overall in my batch, i'm in the top 50 best student :) Sooo yeahhh i feel so happy ! Eh btw thanks to sasa, thanks kay baby taught me almost everynight about the mathematics and science. Call me everynight and listen to your voice, seriously it make me feel so happy. I'm glad cause God awarded me you. Such a nice girlfriend ;) Thanks kay baby. Love you ♥
Without you, i'm nothing and hopeless baby :) Muahhh muaaahh love you ♥ sasa