Helo Blogger. Here i wrote everything that ever had happened in my life. And sometimes through this blog, i'm gonna write about you. So if you would like to get mad, can go die lah you. TTYM is much better right? ;( Chiow

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Sam, i do love you :)

You, the first one. You, the last one. Thanks baby. I love you. Much much ♥
I hope you are not like the other before this. Dumped me just like that without saying bye and some of them dumped me with saying 'sorry, you are not the one for me'. Ahhhh pegi mampus lah kau kan. I think if i didn't go to the reunion, damn, for sure i can't be with you now ;( Right baby? Heee i never expected we will be together bby. Haha yeahh, no wonder this few days i always heard people saying 'expected the thing that you will never expected it will happened'. Sooo yeah i'm with you now. Thanks bby thanks ;) You call me everynight. Listen to your voice was the best damn thing that ever had in my life. Heard you saying the word 'baby, iloveyou' was the awesomeeee in my life. Nothing special than you. Only You baby. Only you ;) If you know CPR, please do it to me. Cause you take my breath away. Come home to t.i, i missyou weh ;(
Our promise ;- 2 fingers right bby? Haihhh tolong lah jgn buat aku melting dgn kau lagi boleh tak? Pleaseeee, haha bye. Eh nanti dulu ! Haaa lupa nak cakap, dear blogger;-

Remember, no matter how much you love your boyfriends, one day they will leave you alone ;( Remember this ! ALONE. Actually i don't believe my boyfriend too much cause i know soon or later he will leave me. Boys are useless. Once they get what they want, they will go. Leave you alone ;(